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We are a team which makes art ! We make great fake euro and dollar bills. The quality is perfect. Bills are like real ! Nobody can see the difference ! Try them !

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How to buy ?

We ONLY accept Bitcoin. This is the safest way not to get caught. You don't know how to get some Bitcoins ? Go to so you can have some with Paypal, Wester Union, cash...

How we ship

The same day you order we ship the bills. We use UPS. The shipping takes 24h! You also get a tracking number ! How cool is that ?

Where do we ship from ?

We can ship either from the US or France or Germany. Tell us what you want when you order.

Bulk service ?

For bulk purchases we will be able to make a discount (contact us).

The quality:

100% Cotton paper


color-shifting metallic flecks

Security strip

OUR BILLS PASS ALL KINF OF TEST such as UV tests, pen tests, etc.